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GDPR Audit

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The GDPR is the most significant development in data protection that Europe, possibly the world, has seen over the past twenty years and therefore unsurprisingly is designed to better take into account modern technologies, the way we work with them today and are likely to work in the future.


In addition, there is a much greater emphasis on compliance following a widely held belief that business had not taken data privacy seriously enough previously.


As a consequence, penalties are considerably harsher and the compliance requirements are intended to spread a far wider net to include small and medium businesses.

Our 76 point Audit includes the key points covered in the following GDPR Articles:



Technical Measures - Art 28 (1)


Organisational Measures - Art 28 (1)


Data Protection Principles


Lawfulness of Processing - Art 6


Consent – Art 7


Legitimate Interest – Art 6


Profiling – Art 22


Legal Data Transfer - Art 44


Privacy Policies - Art 13


Third Party Processor Compliance - Art 28 (3)


Processing Records - Art 30 (2)


Data Protection Officer - Art 37


Data Subject Rights – Arts 15-21


Breach Notification - Art 33 (2)


  • Assures customers of your readiness

  • Avoids protracted contract negotiations

  • Commerical advantage over non-compliant competitors 

  • Enhances customer trust

  • Prepares you for officail accreditation 

GDPR Audit

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