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IT Service Review

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Our ITIL based Service Review will assist you to understand the strengths and possible areas for improvement of your service delivery.

The IT Service Review will be a full review of your IT systems, use of IT within your firm and the interaction with your clients.

I will look at your IT systems in some detail, documenting the current infrastructure and setup. This is then combined with an internal interview programme of a cross section of your users to ascertain priorities, issues and strengths of the IT set-up from their perspective. This is then all brought together and analysed against my own experiences and work with many other organisations to formulate a gap analysis, and recommend both tactical and strategic actions to improve the performance, efficiency and relevance of your IT systems.


The final report will help answer the following questions;

Are we getting value for money? 


Are we using IT effectively? 


Does our IT organisation complement our business? 


Do our users get what they need? 


How do we compare with our peers? 


Following delivery of the report detailing recommendations for IT Service improvement and strategy implementation, you will enter the ‘Adapt’ phase. This will often consist of the formulation of a new IT strategy that details a series of projects and initiatives that will help transform and grow your business.



DARA is the methodology we have developed from years of experience reviewing and running global IT departments. We have designed it to be straightforward, transparent and effective.

Discovery - full system review and staff interviews 

Analysis - analysis of data gathered, comparison against industry standards

Recommendation -a full report detailing areas for improvement and best practices

Adapt - optional stage of strategic implementation

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