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UK Data Protection Representative

Why You Need Representation

The UK Government’s position post Brexit is that all data controllers and processors that are located outside the UK will need to appoint a UK Representative if they process the personal data of UK citizens under the following circumstances:

  • You offer goods or services, or

  • You monitor behaviour and

  • You do not have a registered office in the UK.

This will NOT apply to you if you only process data occasionally or you are a public body/authority.

The ICO state:

"The UK government intends that after the transition period ends, the UK version of the GDPR will say that a controller or processor located outside the UK – but which must still comply with the UK GDPR – must appoint a UK representative."

ICO Guidance here

We can help you meet your obligations under the UK Data Protection Act 2018 by fulfilling the UK Representative role.

Why Us?

We provide an experienced and certified DPO (ECPC University of Maastricht) that is registered with the ICO.

How the service works

Initial Onboarding

✓ Conduct initial compliance assessment
✓ Ensure your privacy policies and contact details are in place

Ensuring Ongoing Compliance

✓ Regular compliance reviews
✓ Maintaining and updating your RoPA with new processes
✓ Handing data subject rights requests and assist with appropriate responses
✓ Ensuring DSARs are responded to appropriately
✓ Informing and advising you of data protection issues impacting your operations



Charges start from £100 per calendar month for the standard UK Representative service.

Once you have officially appointed us you can name 2twenty4 as your representative in your Privacy Notice.

GDPR Audit

DPO Assist

DPO Assist +

DPO (as a service)

How can we help you? 

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